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Master PhotoPills
For Milky Way & Landscape Photography
Finally master how to use PhotoPills to its fullest potential!
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Six-Week instruction plan: 
  • Week One | DECEMBER 13th First Class Meets and we go over five features in PhotoPills that you are either using wrong or completely unaware of and we go over all AR Modes.
  • Week Two | We go over the entire Planner Pill, what everything on there means and I teach you how to create, save and share plans that you create with PhotoPills.
  •  HOLIDAY WEEKS HOMEWORK | Plan and Shoot Challenge! Everyone is to plan at least one photo adventure and share that plan with me and return to class on the 10th with image.
  •  Week Three | Learn the Star Trails, Spot Stars & Timelapse Pills for use with January Night Sky Photography. We also go over Star Trails & Timelapse Techniques as a bonus.
  •  Weeks Four | How to plan Milky Way Photography from your home using the Planner, Moon Pill and Night AR mode.
  •   Week Five | How to use the Pills of Exposure, DoF, DoF Table and the Hyperfocal Table 
  •  Week Six | The last of the Pills: FoV, Subject distance, Focal Length match & Timer.
Weekly Schedule:
  • Dec. 13th | Five Things Doing Wrong & AR
  • Dec. 20th | Planner & Plan Creation/Saving  
  •  Dec. 27th | HOLIDAY
  •  Jan. 3rd | HOLIDAY
  •  Jan. 10th | Star Trails, Spot Stars, Time Lapse 
  • Jan. 17th | PhotoPills Uses for Milky Way
  • Jan. 24th | Exposure, DoF, Hyperfocal Pills
  • Jan. 31st | The Rest of the Pills
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Master PhotoPills Features you didn't even know that you were using wrong!
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  • Class-room Setting Online with a Lecture and Q&A
  • Landscape Photography & Milky Way Photography Tips
Here's What You'll Get: 
  • 6 Weeks of Classroom-Style Online Instruction from the comfort of your home during our coldest months!
  •  iPhone, Android & iPad Training get to know the features of photopills in YOUR format that you have on your device.
  •  Landscape Photography tips to make your landscape photography planning stronger for more successful sun, moon rises and sets.
  •  Online Membership with access to replays of all instruction so you can watch again or for the first time if you missed a class.
  •  Become a Master of PhotoPills so you can control the app in the way it was meant to be used and no longer wonder what that pill or that section is trying to tell you.
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