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Escalante 4-Night
Milky Way Workshop
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Milky Way Workshop
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All transportation during the trip
Dutch Oven Dinner & Dessert at Escalante the first evening
Snacks & Drinks while on-site doing Photography
Personal instruction at the camera, critique sessions and post processing sessions during the day while we wait for night to do Milky Way Photography

A Flight to Salt Lake City
Hotel Accommodation CAN BE ADDED*
Travel insurance and personal equipment
Alcohol and soft drinks, laundry
         *Upon Request and coordination with Photog Adventures Hotel options can be added to allow price sharing with group. 
WHEN: Dates for MAY & JUNE
WHERE: Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument at Devil's Garden, Sunset Arch and Dance Hall Rock
WHO: Photographers of ALL skill levels welcome!

FITNESS LEVEL: The longest hike will be at Sunset Arch and that is a mostly flat 1-Mile hike. From the parking spot to the Arch we drop down 200 feet of elevation very gradually, but yes, we will climb that 200 feet on the way back. Still very easy for most!

Dance Hall Rock is little bit of a hike and a heck of a climb up sloped slickrock. Not dangerous but rolling an ankle can happen EASILY here if you are not careful.
In Escalante there are MANY great sites with just BRILLIANT Foreground options to frame the Milky Way over! We LOVE Escalante! 

The best part of Escalante is that you get an awesome variety of rock formations, natural arches and unique settings like a tree growing out of a hole in just a 40-mile stretch of road! 

This workshop is designed to give you an opportunity to do Milky Way Photography in three different locations with varied methods to the capture. 

We drive right up to the Devil's Garden location and walk mere yards to line up multiple options of foregrounds! Vertical rock formations, some a little distant like in the Night 4 image down below, some towering over us like in the Night 1 image above. Devil's Garden offers us great options to get as many as 4+ different compositions all in the same night! 

At Sunset Arch we hike the mile from the car down to the arch and make it in time for Sunset light on the arch to really look amazing and then wait for the Milky Way to show up after Astronomical Twilight is over. There is a nearby Moonrise Arch that we can try out too while at this location. 

Dance Hall Rock is little bit of a hike and a heck of a climb up sloped slickrock. Not dangerous but rolling an ankle can happen EASILY here if you are not careful. We arrive during the light and will set up at the rock all along the hole where the tree is coming out and capture a great single image shot.

At all of these locations you can do a panorama. The Milky Way is set up nicely for Panorama images during May so come with a great tripod for Panoramas! 

At night four we will choose as a group one of the locations we have been to try again or if weather and clouds ruined one of our spots we will return there that last night. 

If you have any questions, please get in touch by email at
Listen to the Podcasts above to hear stories about our trips to Escalante & from actual Workshop Attendees!
If clouds cause any problems we will move locations or add Landscape Photography to the plans to make the best use of our time out here. 
  •  Day 1: Arrival at the SLC Airport. Those traveling with Brendon and I to Escalante will meet at 10am and then leave for our 5-hour drive to Escalante. Arrive in Escalante and check-in to our Hotel.
  •  5pm-7pm Group Dinner somewhere in Escalante and set goals for the workshop.
  •  7pm-9pm Work on some initial camera settings, getting focus and Photopills instruction.
Night 1: Devil's Garden
  • Day 2: Sleep in our Hotel after a night of Milky Way Photography until mid-day. Meet as a group and get a big breakfast.
  •  2pm-3:30pm Lunch/Dinner as a group in Escalante.
  •  3:30pm-8:30pm Drive the 1h 41m drive to Sunset Arch and begin our hike by 5:30pm to Sunset Arch and be there in time for Sunset at 8:30pm. 
Night 2: Sunset Arch 
  • Day 3: After a long rest at our Hotel we meet for Breakfast again and do a couple hours of Post-Processing Instruction to edit our pictures from Devil's Garden and Sunset Arch. 
  •  4pm-6pm Lunch/Dinner as a group in Escalante.     
  •  6pm Leave for the 1 hour and 30 mins to Dance Hall Rock.
Night 3: Dance Hall Rock
  • Day 4: This day is WIDE open! After a good sleep back in Escalante we will meet as a group for a Noon Breakfast and decide where we would like to go for our Bonus Night. If weather prevented one of our locations from working out and is cooperating now, we will go to that location.
Night 4: Bonus location or return to a favorite area
  • Day 5: Our Adventure is over. Once we wake up from our 4th night of Milky Way Photography we will drive everyone back to Salt Lake City and either to your hotels or to the Airport to fly out. We will work on the specifics with every workshop participant once you have your flight plans set. 
  • Drive the 4-5 hours back to Salt Lake City Airport and sadly split up as a group.  BOOK FLIGHTS FOR AFTER 7PM ON THE LAST DAY OF WORKSHOP OR FOR THE DAY AFTER!
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